is an active space of learning and tinkering that provides children a choice of being self-directed, or work with peers or taking up challenges along with adults to learn. the focus will be on creating projects both physical and virtual and getting into problem solving.
stem lands are set up in isai ambalam school and udavi school of auroville, but not limited to them. schools can enroll to the common space while providing an adult (teacher) who is interested in contributing to the concept. this will add to the adults engaged in these activities and in time create a community of adults who may have their own skills to contribute and activities to continue to transform their schools and spaces. home schoolers can engage with the space by providing a parent from their group who is interested in stem. the idea will be to hold multi-grade classrooms to allow active peer learning among children. there will be some effort to mix children from different backgrounds from in auroville and from the villages around auroville while being engaged in serious learning. there will be no observers, only participants.
THULIR is located 220 kms from Bangalore in Sittlingi a tribal village in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu. It is a resource Centre for children and young adults. Thulir believes that children from disadvantaged sections in the rural areas need an education that would help them to gain self respect and help live with dignity. For this they need to acquire skills relevant to the community and the local economy. And this is what the initiative is working towards
SITA SCHOOL located in the north of Bangalore uses alternative educational methods to encourage children to learn at their own pace without pressure of exams or fear of failure and disapproval. The school tries to create an environment which stimulates the child not just intellectually, but also emotionally, creatively and socially. They try to cultivate a sense of wonder, an appreciation of the beautiful and the healthy. At the same time, they actively cultivate cooperation, sharing and respect for the other and towards nature and material things, to foster a just and balanced way of life
TIMBAKTU COLLECTIVE: CHILDREN’S RESOURCE CENTER is located 180 kms from Bangalore in C.K.Palli village in Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh. It is a space for village children and youth to have access to a library, arts & craft, laboratory, computers and playground. It also acts as a vocational training center for adolescent girls. The skills include tailoring, screen printing, bamboo work, wood work, etc
Asha Bangalore has been running a SAC (Support A Child) program for Prakruti Badi(PB) school (part of Timbaktu Collective). PB provides education upto class V after which students can join the KGBV school set up by the govt. under RTE for free education upto class X. This program is an effort to provide end to end benefit to PB students by offering them need based fellowships to complete their higher education. This is proposed in 2 tiers – Tier 1 is a smaller fellowship amount for students from std. V to X and Tier 2 is a higher fellowship for students pursuing degree and PG programs as required.
Prakruti Badi is a residential alternative school started in 1994 for children from difficult family circumstances, orphans and neglected children from poor households. The school enables them to enjoy childhood and blossom in a free, joyful and open environment of learning amidst nature.
Prakruti Badi provides free food and all round education while catering to the health needs of these 55 residential children and 45 day scholars. The children explore the world through the use of all their faculties. Arts and crafts, dance and drama are not considered extra-curricular but are an imperative part of the learning process.