The Support A Child (SAC) program at Asha for Education -Bangalore was started in 2009 as a means to involve sponsors directly with the welfare of a child. Our mission is to connect sponsors with selected projects in India to provide for an underprivileged child’s education and living expenses. Depending on the project’s needs, contributions may also be used to cover healthcare, nutrition and other basic necessities. Sponsors will receive regular updates on their child. They will also be able to engage in one-on-one correspondence with the child and to be a mentor.

The aim is to support a child’s education with our partner projects. The donor funds are used to support the project that provides education to the child. This is not a scholarship program and we do not transfer funds directly to the child. All funds are received by the project partner and will be used to support the education of the children in the project. For example, the funds may be utilised to cover the teacher salaries, nutrition, activities, building rental, learning materials, school trips etc that will help the children get a quality education. You can become a sponsor for a child in India for as little as $14 a month.


Asha’s role is to find a suitable education project run by a non profit organization in India which targets children who are unable to pursue education due to lack of funds. Then Asha endeavors to find sponsors for the children in this project and facilitates linking sponsors with individual children. Asha follows through by disbursing and monitoring the sponsors’ funds. It works with both sponsors and the projects in India to obtain regular progress reports of the children and build a strong sponsor-child communication. The sponsor has the opportunity to become a mentor and friend to his/her sponsored child by writing letters. The sponsor can also arrange a visit with his/her child through Asha and the project coordinators in India.

This program is solely meant for individual donors to be directly connected to a child at an Asha supported project. Asha for Education is not involved with any adoption process through this program.

Becoming a sponsor is easy!
To begin your sponsorship today, all you have to do is fill out the sign-up forms available here.


Below is a brief description of the projects the sponsored children belong to. For more details you can visit each of the project sites.


The Isai Ambalam School is an outreach school of Auroville for the villages in the west and north-west of Auroville providing holistic education over the years. It started as a drop out school and not caters to children from Creche (3 yrs age) to 8th grade.

There are many programs including art, music, judo, etc that are available for the children for holistic development along with education by design strategies that helps them apply their learning to real life read more

(For more information, contact


Support A Child (SAC) is a program in which Asha for Education collaborates with select non profit organizations in India to provide for an underprivileged student’s education/total living expense. However SAC is more than funding a student in need. It is an opportunity for you as a sponsor to develop one to one correspondence & interaction with a student and help shape their future. All the donations from SAC are received by the project partner who work with the underprivileged children to provide a quality education. This is not a scholarship program and the funds are not transferred to the child directly. The funds will enable the project partner in doing grassroot level work in helping the children get an education – for example, it will help pay teacher’s salaries, nutrition, buy learning materials etc.
The student will mainly receive education and in some cases, health care (annual medical check ups where available) and nutrition. Every project has slightly different details. Please see the project details. Also as a mentor you can have a positive impact on your sponsored student’s future.
In general, the answer is yes.
We ask for at least 1 year but we would prefer your continued support.
We look for another sponsor. Meanwhile the sponsorship will be continued from Asha’s funds.
A student will stay in the sponsorship program ideally till he completes his/her schooling/training in the project. However there may be cases where the student’s family moves out of the area. There might be unforeseen situations where Asha might decide to discontinue supporting the project or NGO, in which case the student will no longer remain part of Asha’s sponsorship program.
In most cases all the students in a project will be included in the sponsorship program. However it may differ from project to project. Please see the details of the project or NGO you student belongs to.
Asha has strict guidelines for project selection. Projects are selected only after an Asha volunteer completes a site visit and presents his/her opinion about the project. You can review the guidelines of project selection at our website.
Twice a year we will obtain progress reports from the project and send them to you.
We will send you a photograph as soon as you become a sponsor. Thereafter we will try to send a new photo once a year subject to the project’s capacity to take the students to a studio for a photograph session.
Asha requests that monetary gifts not be sent to your sponsored student. There are several reasons for this.
– It is often difficult for other families in the community to understand why a student or the family received money from the sponsor. This can cause jealousy and divisiveness in the community.
– Also, some postal systems are unreliable and there is no guarantee that the monetary gifts will reach the project offices. Thank you for understanding.
We appreciate your interest in having your sponsored student visit the United States. There are several reasons why Asha does not permit visits of sponsored students to the United States:
– The safety and well-being of the student.
– The student’s readjustment to his or her own lifestyle can be difficult.
– Consent of the student’s family.
You are definitely encouraged to do so if you can.
Please contact us before you wish to visit your sponsored student. We will arrange your visit with the project in India. Also, please note that we limit the number of visits by a sponsor to two per year.
A number of Asha chapters have Support A Child program. Click here for details.
We share ideas and learn from each other’s experiences but we do not have any joint projects.


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